Business Philosophy

The mission of Petra Capital Management is to help our clients achieve their financial goals. At Petra Capital Management, our business philosophy is one of independence, objectivity and providing the best possible financial solutions to our clients. Therefore, we believe that the most important responsibility we have is to our clients. The bond of trust we strive to nurture with them is as important as our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professional competence. We treat our clients as we would want to be treated if the roles were reserved. We pledge to our clients that we will abide by the Code of Ethics to which we are beholden:

  • We will conduct ourselves with integrity, fairness and dignity
  • We will provide our clients with services that advantageously increase their capital by carefully assisting our clients in the achievement of their investment goals, thoroughly researching investment ideas focusing on long-term opportunities, and staying within our "circle of competence"
  • When performing financial analysis, we will act in a professional and ethical manner that reflects positively on our profession
  • We will always strive to maintain and improve the competence of the Firm's professionals
  • We will use proper care and exercise independent professional judgement
  • We strive to enjoy our work and our relationships with clients and business associates