Petra Capital Management is an independent, employee-owned investment management company based in Seoul, Korea that specializes in providing investment advisory and investment management services to a selected group of highly sophisticated investors, including university endowments, sovereign wealth funds, charitable organizations and family offices. We seek to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our clients by assisting them to successfully engage in various investment opportunities and managing their assets for long-term capital appreciation. We utilize a value-oriented approach to investments by adopting fundamental research, extensive financial analysis, and the exercise of sound judgment. Our professionals have significant experience in the financial services industry and share a common vision based on professionalism, integrity and trust.

Petra Capital Management thrives to be a long-term, deep value-oriented investor. When we advise our clients to invest in publicly traded securities as well as private companies, we emphasize understanding their fundamentals. In this manner, we believe that we can successfully manage our clients' assets in rising and falling markets and ever-shifting economic conditions.

Our investment approach is based on a bottom-up discipline backed by a thorough understanding of companies and their industries. Most of our investment managers devote a substantial amount of time to generating and examining investment ideas while evaluating the downside risk of every investment. Our goal is to benefit clients by leveraging our extensive network and implementing fundamental analysis in better servicing their needs.

Petra Capital Management is an asset management company established under Korean law, having registered with the Financial Services Commission of Korea since 2009. Additionally, Petra Capital Management is registered as an investment adviser with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission since 2015.