Petra Capital Management is a Seoul-based investment manager registered with the Financial Services Commission of Korea that emphasizes rigorous research and risk management practices. We seek to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our clients by assisting them to successfully engage in various investment opportunities and managing their assets for long-term capital appreciation. We believe that security selection is a process of identifying situations where companies trade at a significant discount to their liquidation or long-term going-concern value. We seek to deliver consistent positive risk-adjusted returns throughout market cycles with a strong focus on capital preservation. We base our investment decisions on detailed, research-based analysis and thorough due diligence. Our investment processes are designed to incorporate risk management to every investment decision, using both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

We employ a disciplined, deep value investing approach to earn superior returns with limited volatility. We invest only in a few competitive businesses with strong free cash flow generation, high returns on capital and managements with economic ownership and/or aligned incentives. We believe that historical norms in valuations based on earnings and cash flow will continue to win out in the long run. We maintain the investment discipline of buying securities of great companies at attractive prices or so-so companies at give-away prices. Our investment philosophy focuses on opportunities for long-term value creation through steady, consistent performance with limited use of leverage.

Our partnership culture and business model are explicitly designed to cultivate long-term investment opportunities, foster the sharing of expertise and ingrain a cooperative, team-oriented approach. These priorities allow investment teams to leverage our broader intellectual capital and network of relationships to gain unique perspectives on markets, industries and companies. We believe that our deeply embedded, team-based culture and ability to identify quickly truly undervalued, competitive companies differentiates us from our competitors.