Investment Strategy

While we strategically leverage our extensive network for public equity investments, we also selectively engage in private company transactions opportunistically, including pre-IPO investing. We believe that our private market investment strategies can help our investors achieve their investment objectives with unique benefits not typically available in public equities.

Our investment approach is characterized by a rigorous investment process, comprehensive due diligence and a commitment to operational excellence. We believe that strong corporate governance is fundamental to our success, and our disciplined investment philosophy is designed to produce the highest consistent investment returns. While we remain flexible across industries, geographies, and transaction structures, we selectively invest our capital in the most compelling value opportunities. Additionally, we actively collaborate with portfolio companies, providing essential support to unlock their full potential.

South Korea’s robust economy, ranked 11th globally, provides fertile ground for diverse investment opportunities. With a skilled workforce and a cadre of highly educated management teams, Korea presents a landscape ripe with investing opportunities for discerning investors. Petra Capital Management is dedicated to delivering satisfactory returns through intelligent investing in public equities, complemented by opportunistic private equity engagements.

Our investment approach leverages a deep understanding of market dynamics and industry insights, enabling us to identify and capitalize on undervalued assets in public markets. At the same time, we continue to maintain flexibility to invest in private equity opportunities that align with our criteria.